Upcoming Products
Product Expected
Mothership: 2nd Edition Base Game Feb 2020
Mothership Expansion: Into the Vortex Feb 2020
Mothership Expansion: Call of the Void Feb 2020
Mothership: XL Add-on Pack Feb 2020
The Umbra Feb 2020
Agents of the Human Sphere. RPG Characters Set Feb 2020
Mukhtar, Active Response Unit (Boarding Shotgun) Feb 2020
Intel Spec-Ops (Heavy Pistol, Sniper) Feb 2020
Double Trouble Feb 2020
Agents of Mayhem: Pride of Babylon Feb 2020
Agents of Mayhem: Firing Squad Expansion Feb 2020
Agents of Mayhem: Get Gaunt Expansion Feb 2020
Agents of Mayhem: Giant Map Tiles Feb 2020
Dead Light and Other Dark Turns Feb 2020
Alain Runewood Lord of Ash - Infernal Solo (metal) Feb 2020
Nicia Hound of the Abyss - Infernal Solo (metal) Feb 2020
Hermitage of Henge Hold - Mercenary Solo (metal) Feb 2020
Prime Artificer Nemo and Arcane Mechaniks - Mercenary Battle Engine (metal/resin) Feb 2020
Zor-Magna - Shadow Sun Monster (metal/resin) Feb 2020
Mecha-Maxim - Uber Corp International Monster (metal/resin) Feb 2020
C-Type Shinobi and Shadow Rider - Shadow Sun Unit (metal) Feb 2020
U-Tanks and AAApebot - Uber Corp International Unit (metal) Feb 2020
Chuck Dogwood - Riot Quest Guard (metal) Feb 2020
The Terrorizer - Riot Quest Fighter (metal) Feb 2020
Helga on Wheels - Riot Quest Scout (metal/resin) Feb 2020
Chieftain Marksman AA Battery (x3) Feb 2020
Tornado Strike Flight (x2 Plastic) Feb 2020
Harrier Close Support Flight (x2 Plastic) Feb 2020
Abyssal Dwarf Hellfane Feb 2020
Abyssal Dwarf Grotesque Champion Feb 2020